Desktop sync client 3.3 improves reliability and performance

  • For this release of the desktop client the team continued to focus on stabilizing and tuning the virtual files support and end-to-end encryption features and improving some design elements. Linux support was improved, with the GNOME desktop’s lack of a system tray addressed by smarter menu behavior and slightly improved but still experimental virtual file support. For Mac users, there is preliminary native M1 support which is expected to leave ‘experimental’ state in the next release.

    Main improvements

    • Less traffic for icons download from server to save resources
    • Make VFS optional so the client works again on Windows 8.1 and all Windows 10 versions
    • Improvements in the design
    • Hardening to prevent security issues
    • Fix main dialog on desktop without systray area
    • Many fixes related to virtual files on Windows
    • Warn user if using e2ee and vfs together


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