CloudPanel v2.2


New Features of PHP 8.2

  • New readonly Classes
  • Allow true, false, and null as standalone types
  • New Random Extension
  • Redact Sensitive Parameters in Back Traces
  • MySQLi: New mysqli_execute_query function and mysqli::execute_query method.
  • New openssl_cipher_key_length function
  • Set permissions for the error log file with the new error_log_mode INI setting.
  • OpenSSL: New openssl_cipher_key_length function
  • Allow Constants in Traits
  • A new curl_upkeep function.
  • New ini_parse_quantity function.
  • New memory_reset_peak_usage function.
  • No-capture modifier (/n) support in preg_* functions
  • Curl: CURLINFO_EFFECTIVE_METHOD support in curl_getinfo function
  • AllowDynamicProperties Attribute.

PHP 8.2 Deprecations

  • Dynamic Properties are deprecated.
  • Deprecate partially-supported Callables
  • utf8_encode and utf8_decode functions are deprecated.
  • Mbstring: Base64, Uuencode, QPrint, and HTML Entity encodings are deprecated
  • ${var} string interpolation deprecated

Syntax/Functionality Changes for PHP 8.2

  • INI Parsing warnings.
  • ksort(..., SORT_REGULAR) sort order changes.
  • str_split function returns empty arrays for empty strings.

2. Node.js 18 LTS

What's new in Node.js 18 LTS?

Developers and contributors are constantly improving the runtime, adding new features, and improving the developer experience and usability. With the global community using JS today for API-driven web applications and serverless cloud development, the changes in this new LTS version are:

Fetch API

  • 🧪- - watch
  • 🧪 OpenSSL 3 Support
  • 🧪 node:test module
  • Prefix-only core Modules
  • 🧪 Web Streams API
  • Other Global APIs: Blob and BrodcastChannel.
  • V8 Version 10.1
  • Toolchain and Compiler Upgrades
  • HTTP Timeouts
  • Undici Library

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